Maintenance Program

We bridge the gap between expensive intimidating exercise gyms and healthcare rehabs. We offer affordable, supervised fitness programs for people at ALL fitness levels.


This program will benefit:

  • People whose insurance benefits have run out for PT

  • People who are looking to maintain their current level of health and wellness

  • People who have experienced a loss of insurance benefits

  • Someone who would like to continue to improve their fitness level in a safe, unintimidating environment and under the supervision of a qualified professional.

Embrace Care Program

A training program to educate caregivers in how to provide the best care in regards to patient mobility and safety. It teaches the caregiver the best way to provide assistance with transfers and daily activities which helps prevent falls and injuries.  It also incorporates teaching basic exercises to help prevent patient deconditioning and the consequences of immobility.  


This program will benefit:

  • Personal Caregivers

  • Patient Care Technicians (from Assisted Living Facilities, Skilled Nursing Facilities, and Personal Care Homes)

  • Family Members/ Friends