To Our Trusted Patients,

            In order to better protect our patients, employees and families, we have decided to close our clinic for up to 4 weeks or until the situation has deemed safe to re-open.  Prior to this decision, we had already cancelled our high-risk patients.  At this time, we have formally decided to temporarily close our doors until we have more information about this virus and its treatment for everyone’s safety.

            We have taken every precaution to sanitize, clean and help prevent exposure/contamination but we feel the safest way to protect our patients and to prevent the spread of infection is to temporarily close our clinic. 

            At Embrace Mobility, we are always prioritizing and thinking forward for our patients so we are offering a Maintenance Exercise Telehealth option to help continue our patients’ progress.  It is a self pay option since it is currently not reimbursable by insurance at this time.  But, Maintenance Exercise Telehealth at least provides the option to our patients to help continue their strengthening, endurance training, pain control, and postural corrections with one-on-one instruction.  Insurance is changing every day, but some insurances like Medicare are approving a PT telehealth consultation per patient’s request.   Please contact us if interested or for further details.

            This has truly been a hard decision for us especially being a small business.  We uphold our commitment to putting our patients and our community first.  We continue to provide quality of care by not placing our patients at risk and we continue to provide continuity of care by offering telehealth options.

            Please continue to follow and adhere to the CDC’s current guidelines in order to prevent exposure and to stop its spread  We have also included a link of the latest updates and summary from the CDC  We hope everyone is safe and embracing social distancing.  Thank you for standing with us during this time and supporting our decision.  We look forward to continuing to work with you via telehealth and when our doors re-open!

Please feel free to call or reach out with any questions or concerns (678-880-9597, email:


Vanessa and Ana

Phone: 678-880-9597

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